Feelin' a Little Scrappy

Boy howdy! I haven't scrapbooked in quite while! Not that I don't love to... it just seems like a major project compared to card-making, and then the boys are getting their grubby hands all over the pictures I have out, and grabbing my implements of creativity and turning them into weapons of mass destruction, and... well, you get the picture!

But, with an upcoming "scrapbook-in-an-afternoon" class and a pile of pictures to get busy on, it was time to get a little scrappy!

If you know me, and my scrapbooking style, you'll know that these pages are way different from what I usually do. I'm one of those who tends to accessorize and patterned-paper-ize things to death, but I knew I couldn't on these, because we'll be making 10 of them in an afternoon.

I kind of liked having to go light on the supplies and make it quick - simple, but effective I think.

Oh, and all the blank space? Don't worry - that's for my journaling (which, as you can tell from my blog posts, tends to get a little lengthy..... :)

What about you? Are you a "scrapbook in an afternoon" or a "one-scrapbook-page-takes-a-week" kind of scrapper? I think I'm both, though haven't always been. I really need to focus on recording the memories in an attractive way, instead of trying to create the Sistine Chapel of pages each time I embark on the scrapbooking journey.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Credits: Home Again Simply Scrappin' kit, Round Tab Punch, Uni-ball white pen, Short Order Alpha stamps, Rough Edges Mini Alphabet stamps, Chocolate Chip & Bordering Blue Inks


  1. Basement Stamper said...

    Funny, I was just showing my hubby the pages I got accomplished this past weekend at a fundraiser I hosted. I was thrilled to get 17 pages done (no journaling) but have been doing the journaling this week and have 6 pages to go. I can never do scrapbooking at home, seem to never get anything done, but hope that will change here soon and I can get back in to the swing of things.

    Great pages you did!  

  2. beate said...

    Your pages look wonderful!
    I am a super slow scrapper. But I am determined to start scrapping more. I will start posting one page every Sunday. I hope that will get me motivated.

  3. SpAzzGiRL said...

    I can crank them out if I get on a roll, which is rare. I find that if I am in "card mode" it is hard to switch to page mod, kwim.
    Those pages are super cute.  

  4. Vicki C said...

    Super layout with DARLING photos girl!