Stinkin' Mad!

I'm mad.

And I've been working really hard on that let go and let live thing... so I've haven't been really mad for a long time.

This one I have a really hard time coming up with jokes about (though my co-workers and I did manage a chuckle or two).

Here's the deal.

Someone broke into our house!!!!

They took the laptop. And the GameCube. And... the Nintendo Wii!

Why? Why the Wii? That's just not right - Jason stood outside in the freezing weather for hours to get it. Is there any decency left in the world?

Seriously, though, I'm over the "totally freaked out and want to get out and live in a hotel" thing. We've got additional "security measures" in place now (not revealing what - state secret), although the boys have been sleeping with us the past couple of nights.

Ah, well. Let go and let live, right?

Anyway, we have a teensy weensy exciting thing happening in the next couple of days and I will share with you when I can.

Really, dude, the Wii?



  1. mimihas5 said...

    Oh my gosh Elizabeth. I am so sorry to hear that your home was broken into. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I am told it feels as if you have been viloated. My heart goes out to you and your family. I worry about that happening to me quite a bit. It seems as though none of us are very safe any more. I am very glad to hear that you have quickly gotten some additional security meaures in place. I have some also but I still feel the need to do more.

    Try to relax as best you can. I hope thatyour insurance will quickly repalce the itens that were stolen. Thank God, your family is okay.


  2. grungedandy said...

    Thank god you & yours are ok

    I'm so sorry that you had a break in it's just so frustrating when bad things happen to good people!

    I hope that your stuff brings them no joy!


  3. Anonymous said...

    i'm terribly sorry! i'll pray for peace of mind and a new wii!  

  4. A. Sanborn said...

    Very frightening! First and foremost... your family and yourself weren't harmed for these choice items of your unscrupulous youngsters!!! I'm thinking "kids" by the items of choice! I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around... maybe they'll od on too much Wii!

    Hugs of Strength,
    Anne :)  

  5. sabena said...

    Oh my goodness, Elizabeth! how frightening! I am glad you and your family were not at home at the time.

    Hopefully your insurance will replace the material items taken- I know that the sense of security that has been taken from you will be hard to recover from. Hang in there!!  

  6. SpAzzGiRL said...

    Man, I'd be fuming too, but more freaked out than anything.
    Of course they took the Wii, they were probably immature little punks that wanted to play with the Gamecube and Wii all night long...morons!
    Karma girl Karma!!!!  

  7. beate said...

    Oh no!!!! I am so glad your family wasn't hurt (well....beside the fact that things were stolen!)
    After being scared out of my pants, I would probably get mad as well.

    Big cyber hug!!!  

  8. tanja said...

    I know what you mean about the Wii - UGH! Add insult to injury!
    I'm happy that you guys are all ok. Best wishes.