Here, Piggy Piggy....

Okay, so I promised to have some slightly more uplifting news... and here it is!

We have adopted two new furry members into the family - a pair of adorable, fuzzy wuzzy, super-cute little guinea pigs!

They're still babies, and, my goodness, they are adorable!

This has been a little while in the making. Jason has been very gung-ho about getting the boys a little pet, but as soon as he would start talking about snakes or lizards or other cold-blooded things, my eyes would just glaze over, and out would come a clearly disinterested "hmmm".....

So we never really did anything about it.

But then I remembered my own little pet mice I had when I was a kiddo, and thought, hey... what about a little furry friend? So I asked Jason, he was all for it, and the rest is history.

Quinn has been such a big boy about the whole thing. First we went to the pet store last week and got everything we needed. I had explained to him that we would need to get all the schtuff it takes to care for the little buggers before we brought them home. Okay, okay, he kept saying, but I was sure that when we went to the store and he actually saw the animals, we would have a showdown about actually bringing him home that night. But nope! Nadda! Not a single whine or beg to bring home a critter before the cage was set up.

In fact, the morning after we were at the pet store, he hopped out of bed at 6:30 sharp, marched out to where daddy and I were and promptly began helping to get everything ready.

So on Friday, Jason and I began calling around to different shelters (much better to adopt some poor little furry soul), and sure enough, there were some baby guinea pigs up for adoption.

Except that they were in Connecticut.

Well, that wasn't going stop Mommy and Quinn. No way! We packed ourselves into the car, armed with a big box filled with bedding, timothy hay, treats and pellets and away we went. 4 hours later, we were home! The proud owners of two cutie patootie baby piggies.

Quinn claimed naming rights, so here they are.

Meet Charlie:

He is soooooo sweet! Lover of tomatoes and timothy hay and a good nose rub. He's the smaller of the two, but definately the braver and more adventurous one.

And, according to the source, Quinn's new best friend:

And this is Roufy:

He's the bigger one, but more shy, and not real keen on treats while we're holding him... I think he's on to our taming tricks.

The best part - Jason loves Roufy. And Roufy loves Jason.

Well, I'm sure you'll get lots of piggy stories over the coming posts - there is just too much cuteness in this house!

Have a Happy Day!


  1. SpAzzGiRL said...

    They are adorable. We had 4 little ones and Max loved them!
    Need any piggly need to look any further. LOL  

  2. Flossie's Follies said...

    These guys are adorable, so sorry to hear that your home was broken into, it is a terrible feeling.  

  3. Jenny K said...

    I had g. pigs when I was a kid. loved having them. my fave was when we blocked off little areas they could get in and then let them fun free in the room. spoiled little critters, whenever we would enter the front door they thought it was time to get a treat & they usually did get one. have fun with your new little furry creatures  

  4. Reality Show Reject said...

    How cute! I love Roufy too! What a cute little piggy! I never had guinea pigs growing up, but my friend did. His name was Porky. And when she would say his name, she'd draw it out and he'd just squeal! I hated that stupid squealing in the middle of the night when she'd have sleepovers!  

  5. Vicki C said...

    I'm feaked about your break in though... Yikes! That's scary! Glad you are all safe..that's what matters!