Don't Panic! It's Supposed to Look Like This


just giving the blog a little makeover... I'll see how this goes - It's one of the few pre-packaged blogger templates that fit my header. Guess I could change the header, but I kinda like it.

Bear with me on technical stuff. Although I have a super-cool computer hubby, does he ever have time to work on my blog? no.... :) Just kidding. I haven't really asked him for too much help. And he's promised to make a photo gallery for me....

Let me know if you like the new look. I kinda wanted a softer color for the background instead of white, which seems a little stark. Was trying for cozy.... not so much.

Enjoy your day!


  1. SpAzzGiRL said...

    love love love your banner, now I have a something in the vicinty of your greatness...
    Good luck with the bloggy changes, I know mine have been somewhat challenging!