Meet the Boys

On the off-chance that anyone other than my (wonderful) mom and dad actually read this blog (hi, guys!), thought I'd introduce you to (officially the world's cutest) two boys!

Introducing: Quinn and Cade!

Or, as Quinn would say if he met you in the store, or the park, or even in a passing car, "Hi, my name is Quinn and I'm three. This is my little brother Cade. He's two." Yep, that about sums it up! As you can see from the picture, they are actually getting to be quite the little buddies (thankfully) - Quinn is "reading" to Cade. Pretty cute.

But friendship comes with a price, at times - they are definitely learning the value of teamwork. And whispering and staying quiet. All things I ordinarily would encourage. Until it translates into:

Looks innocent enough, eh? Let me set the stage.

Sunday: Five (yes, five) bottles of magic bubbles sit on the table on the deck. Quinn: "Mommy, you get me a big glass I can pour all the bubble soap in?" Mommy: "No, Quinn. That's not such a good idea." Quinn (inevitably): "Why not?" Mommy: "Well, if you put it all in one glass, it will probably get knocked over and spill everywhere, and then all the bubble-stuff will be wasted." Quinn: "No it won't." Mommy: "Sweetie, no glass."

Monday, after work. Nice day. Mommy goes inside to change clothes - leaves the back door open and lets the boys hang out on the deck.

It's quiet. A little two quiet. Mommy sneaks up for a peek through the deck door.

Guess what the two rotten little boys are doing? Yep. You guessed it! They managed to get a large (thankfully plastic) tumbler from the kitchen, open all the bubble bottles, and proceeded to pour them all into the glass before mommy even had her heels off!

Caught ya!

Now, what you don't see, because the camera was quickly being whisked away to safety, is the spilled glass full of bubble water all over the table! Quinn apologized profusely - what a sweetie! As I told him, and meant it, just remember this and know that Mommy is pretty smart sometimes. She even may have a good reason for saying no.

Ah, well... they make life fun.

Okay - for a few cute pics of the Quinn man. Let me take this moment, though, for a disclaimer - although I love my children equally, there is a very good chance that you will see more pictures of Quinn than Cade. This is only because I can rarely GET a picture of Cade. Quinn is, well, a little more deliberate in life. He takes time to think, and rest, and contemplate. Cade, on the otherhand, is pretty impulsive in everything he does. He does not rest. He does not stop and pose for the camera. He just goes, and goes, and goes... Okay, he does have his quiet, self-absorbed moments, they just don't always make it to the camera.

Went to the mall yesterday. Nevermind it's like 50 degrees and raining this weekend - Quinn got new swim gear!!! He wanted me to take his picture while he "posed." So here he is - Supercool Swim Guy!
Isn't he cute?

Isn't he silly?

Isn't he super cool?
Isn't he just too sweet?

Okay, one more gratuitously cute pic. Meet Dobie - one of four (that's right, four) cats that wander about these parts. This is a rare moment of peace between Dobie and Cade - they must have called a truce. Wonder what the terms of that settlement were.....

Well, that seems to be enough rambling for now! Signing off....


  1. Jen (genie1314) said...

    Cute kiddos!!!!  

  2. beate said...

    thanks for sharing your son's with us. They remind me a lot of my two boys when they were younger. Boy, could they think of stuff. Make sure you keep a little journal about all their "adventures". It's a fun read later on. My boys are 10 and 12 now and I miss their little schemes sometimes.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    What good looking boys. Their grandfather (papa) must have been a looker.  

  4. Alli said...

    They are SOOO sweet.
    It's nice to learn about other stampers and their families. TFS.