I Actually Had to Leave the Dinner Table

and write this. I'm dying. Dying!

Heard at the table in the last 5 minutes:

Quinn (looking at Mommy and Daddy): You know why you guys are so great? 'Cause you made a freakin' good dinner!

That is too much.

Good times. Good times.

(Also heard: "Daddy. You make freakin' good corn. I'm gonna call you the corn master.")


  1. Aunt T said...

    Oh my goodness - how funny! Now that our boys are grown up we frequently remind them of some of the adorable things (and not so adorable things) they used to say at the dinner table.

    Cherish every moment - they grow up fast!


  2. SpAzzGiRL said...

    That is freakin' hysterical!
    (I saw on a message board a couple weeks ago people saying they were offended by the word "freakin" and saw it as an equal to the "F" word...I about peed my pants because we freakin say that word every day!!) LOL  

  3. Vicki C said...

    OKAY.. thanks for the laugh!!! That is tooo much! I would have been laughing my head off!  

  4. Vicki C said...

    I tagged you on my blog. you can read about it there, if you want to play along. Vicki  

  5. mimihas5 said...

    Your son is such a hoot! I would have to leave the table becuase I would have been howling. :)TFS.


  6. domenica said...

    That is hysterical! What a cute story to tell to him when he gets older!