Mother of the Year Award

I'm so up for it.

That's right. Coolest mom evah!

Let's just say that if you are four years old and feeling really crappy, you want me around.

Why am I feeling so very cool right now? Because I actually made Quinn happy - that's right, Mr. "I'm-sick-and-bored-and-I-don't-want-to-watch-any-more-T.V.-or-read-a-book-and-I-don't-like-you-right-now,-mommy!-cranky-pants" himself! By about 4:00 this afternoon we were sick of each other and sick of watching cartoons and sick of reading and certainly not going to take another nap, so I decided it was time to go sit outside and get some fresh air. Quinn and I sat outside by the blueberry bushes and I was doing some weeding when he discovered that the little space between the two bushes made a perfect little sitting spot.

Then he decided it would make a perfect hideout.

Only trouble was that he had no idea how to cover up all the spaces between the branches and leaves....

Which is where I come in.

(sorry for the blurry pictures)

Using some pine branches (ouch... always forget how prickly they really are) and walnut tree branches...

I built up some "walls" around him

and left a little place to get in and out.

He was pleased as punch.

Then he ate everything at dinner (salmon, yellow rice, watermelon...yum!). Was that directly related to my making him so very happy? Why yes, yes it was...or I'd like to think so!

So he's on his way to recovery! Whoo hoo!

Thanks to me.

Mother of the Year.

Epilogue: While I would have loved to re-take the pictures so that they weren't so blurry, I'm sorry to report that the blueberry bush/tree branch "hut" is no more. Quinn was very excited to show Cade when he got home. And Cade was very excited about the tree hut. And, well, if you know Cade, you'll understand that the delicately balanced branches and leaves just could not withstand the ensuing hullabaloo. Quinn took it well, though, with my promises that it could be rebuilt... we'll see... I'm still scrubbing pine sap off my knuckles and knees....


  1. Vicki C said...

    Super CUTE story! You have a way with should write a book!  

  2. SpAzzGiRL said...

    very cool  

  3. mimihas5 said...

    What a great hideout and what an awesome Mom you are.