The Boys Left . . . and They Took My Mojo!

Aaaack! My mojo .... it's gone... and I think I know who took it....

It all started a couple of months ago with a phone call from my mother - "Liz ..." [my mom calls me that, and other immediate family members, but don't you try it... nicknames are off limits with me]... "Liz, I wanted to let you guys know that your father and I can take the boys for the week of the fourth of July if you and Jason would like to have a week to yourselves."

HECK, YEAH! A week? A whole blessed week alone? It's every parent-of-a-toddler-and-preschooler's dream come true!

So... after a wonderful weekend celebrating Quinn's (official) birthday, they're gone. Both of them. At the same time!

Oh, the creating! The card-making! The pure, unadultered paper and stamping fun!

But wait! Where's my mojo? I know I had it somewhere around here - usually under the pile of dirty laundry, or stuck the bottom of a muddy shoe. Sometimes I find it in the grubby ring around the tub after an especially energetic bath... or at the bottom of my coffee cup. But, no. It's missing. I cleaned the whole house - but couldn't find it anywhere....

I must have stuck it in one of the boy's suitcases, 'cause it just ain't here. And I know I had it before they left...

Ah, well, I'll share something a little old with you instead:

I made this card a few days ago or so (while the boys were frantically trying to grab my stamps and getting ink all over them... so I know I had my mojo then...). Used my new Pick a Petal from my preview order.

I really like these adorable petals, but I do think they'll be easier to use and arrange if I cut them out. But I had an idea for this one... and it's pretty much how I envisioned. Actually, this started out as a 3" x 6" card - I had a pack of white ones plus envelopes from Stampendous that I got a while back. After I stamped the flower petals on the edge, though, it didn't quite look right, so I chopped off the back of the card and trimmed it down into a panel. Then I wheeled the craft cardstock with the new See You Around jumbo wheel in Versamark - although it doesn't really show since the panel and matting ended up larger than anticipated. I also stamped the circle outline from Pick a Petal in versamark to add some interest to the white and added the sentiment from Hugs and Wishes! Pretty easy and I think it's pretty cute, too!

Well, this card was/is on its way to a fellow blogger - I'm not gonna say who, 'cause I don't know if she got it yet! *wink* But I hope it makes her smile!

Okay... gotta get off here before hubby comes back with the sushi! MMMMM... sushi... and a little Tuaca (anyone else drink that stuff?... it's so beautifully smooth and yummy....) and a few crazy rounds of dominos!


Card Credits: Cardstock - Stampin' Up! (Kraft, Groovy Guava), Stampendous; Ink - Stampin' Up! (Groovy Guava, Sage Shadow, Apricot Appeal, Bashful Blue), Versamark; Stamps - Stampin' Up! (Hugs & Wishes, Pick a Petal, See You Around jumbo wheel); Ribbon - Stampin' Up! (moss gingham)


  1. Vicki C said...

    Oh... enjoy your time to yourselves! I would have dreamed of a week like that when the boys were little. AWESOME!  

  2. beate said...

    Do you miss them yet? I guess lost mojo is a growing disease! LOL Hugs and smiles  

  3. SpAzzGiRL said...

    Party like it's 1999!!
    I got a kid moving out for a week too and I am counting down the hours, then won't know what to do with myself I'm sure.
    What's Tuaca?