Tag... I'm It.

Okay, so I've been "tagged" for the first time since I started blogging. What fun! The super-fabulous Vicki C. did the honors. You MUST go see her blog. She does absolutely fantastic stuff - gorgeous albums, altered items... all kinds of cool projects. Really, extraordinary work. (Can you tell I totally love her? So flattered that she tagged me.)

So here goes - I'm supposed to post 7 random things about myself then tag 7 other bloggers:

Random Things About Me:

1. I love to get up early and drink coffee for hours before actually doing anything.
2. Chicago is my very favorite place, and I dream of living there someday.
3. I also dream of living on a farm with alpacas and chickens.
4. One of my biggest fears for a long time was having an airplane land on/crash into me.
5. I'm not a water person - no beach babe here!
6. I think cats are the neatest animals ever. (I have four).
7. My fingernails are a mess and my toenails are always painted.

Okay, here's who I'm tagging:
Erika M.
Erika H.

Y'all can play if you want to!

I'll be back to post some pictures of projects I've been working on as soon as I can. I've gotten so much done this weekend, but still haven't gotten the pictures ready for uploading. Will do soon!


  1. Flossie's Follies said...

    This tagging thing is such fun, you get to learn a little something about your fellow bloggers in blogland. Thanks for sharing.  

  2. SpAzzGiRL said...

    Chicago is one of my favorite places too...I love living here.  

  3. Mom/Nana said...

    1. You can move to Chicago anytime you want to (with family, of course).

    2. From a card I saw: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

    3. Sorry about the airplane thing...who knew?

    4. I hate the thought of putting any of your cards away, but my BIG kitchen windowsill is filled up! Guess I'll have to move to the mantel. Everyone LOVES your cards!