Chuck E. Cheese Lives Up to its Name

Guess who's turning 4!

That's right - the Quinn-man is officially all grown up... *sniff* ...

Well, this momentous occasion also brings with it that American rite of passage - some call it a vision quest - the birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!! Hurrah!

There was lots of this:

Plus cake, and other sugary treats, of course.....

This one gave us a little trouble:

just kidding! (hi, A.J. , and Al, Natalie, Shanice... so glad you all were there!...)

Quinn certainly felt like a king for the day.

He was overwhelmed by the sincerity of his friends' affections and their generosity.

This morning, looking at the wonderful gifts he received, he asked if all his friends brought him a present. When I said yes, he just looked surprised and shocked and flattered. And when I told him I would get working on thank you cards right away, he said, "yeah. I want to help to, 'cause it was my party."

What a sweetie.

Well, it was a great time, but by the end, I think all of us felt kind of like this....

Especially little Cade. He had a fabulous time, too. Riding rides. Putting tickets in the "ticket chomper." Eating lots of pizza, and cake, and lollipops.... Yep. He had a lot of fun.

And then he threw up.


In the bed.

Once on Jason.

Ah.... so that's why it's Chuck E. Cheese.... ha ha!

Happy Birthday, Quinn! We love you, buddy!


  1. SpAzzGiRL said...

    Congrats on surviving the CEC birthday party, we have a support group, I survived one 6 years ago but I still have the nightmares...No more tokens...No more tokens....

  2. Anonymous said...

    The incorporated name of the company is
    Chuck The Cheese  

  3. Felicia said...

    LOL Looks like a good time was had by all :)  

  4. mimihas5 said...

    Both of your sons are adorable. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures and reading what you had to say about the day. It sounds as though a good time was had by all. But at the end of the day it sounds as though your youngest became a lttle ill. Poor baby. At least he had fun though. :)