Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

okay, so I know all my adoring fans are just going crazy since the blog has been "down" for a couple of days....

Here's the 411 (is that a totally outdated phrase now?... I think maybe so... but this is coming from a woman who calls both her children "dude" way too often....).

I'm fixin' ever-thang up nice an' purty (including a new blog banner designed by moi) and will post again when it's all up and running! So hang in there, 'cause it's going to knock your socks off! (actually, it'll be pretty much the same as before I lost my entire template...but one can hope, right?)

See you soon!

- Elizabeth


  1. SpAzzGiRL said...

    Good luck, I know the pain that this all is and am wishing you unending patience.  

  2. Corie said...

    Love your blog. Great ideas. Adorable kids too.