PSA - Thomas Toy Trains Recall

For those of you that have wooden Thomas the Train toys, please read the following recall notice that was issued on June 13 and check your toys to see if you have any of the affected products. Certain trains and other pieces are being recalled due to high levels of lead in the paint. We had two of the affected trains in our stash - both of which had been chewed on!!!! Edited to add: make that four....

Click here for the recall notice, and click here for a picture of the affected pieces. Take them away from your children immediately!


  1. A. Sanborn said...

    That reminds me that I need to go check all the THOMAS items that we own... I wanted to save these for our grandchildren to have of their mom's someday!

    Answer me just one ?, anyone... would you not think that if it's a product SOLD in the USA that it would have to meet all of our codes and stipulations to be CONSUMED in this country?! It would if we were to make it state side! I do not understand the problem... (not to use Elizabeth's blog as a sounding board) *wink*

    Thanks Elizabeth for the reminder...

    Anne :)